Holy Week

Dear brothers and sisters, as we embrace this holy season of penance, sacrifice and conversion, hoping and praying that as Lent annually carries us to and through the Paschal Mystery of Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection, our lives of faith would be renewed and reflect a bit more clearly the life and love of Jesus. While this ongoing pandemic is calling us to be socially distant from one another, it does not mean we need to be spiritually distant. We invite you to join us in prayer as we renew our efforts to turn to the Lord in trust.

In an effort to unite the faithful to the celebrations of Holy Week and the Easter Octave as much as possible, included here is a database of resources for participation in the liturgies (prayers, hymns, responses, etc.) and other activities (including some for families with young children).

What Is Holy Week?

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, Holy Week, is the most sacred time of year. During this special time, we enter into the passion of Christ — his crucifixion, death and resurrection — through liturgical celebration and personal conversion. While the season of Lent is a very important time in the Church, it is helpful to remember that our Lenten practices (prayer, fasting and almsgiving) are meant as preparation for the three days of the Triduum.

What Is the Triduum?

The three days of the Triduum are counted as the Hebrews counted their days, from dusk to dusk. Lent officially ends and the Triduum begins at dusk on Holy Thursday and continues through dusk on Easter Sunday. Because we cannot separate Jesus’ death from his resurrection, the Church teaches that the Triduum is really one celebration that lasts for three days. However, in the liturgy, each day has its unique qualities and different focuses.

All livestream and replayable liturgies can be viewed HERE.
Use these worship aids to participate!



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