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Pastor, Rev. John J. Victoria |


Office Manager, Ms. Mary Jo Raniero |


Part-Time Receptionist, Mrs. Lucy Huss


Facilities Manager, Ms. Lori Campbell |


Maintenance Technician, Mr. Rick Williams |


Director of Faith Formation and Fellowship (DF3), Mrs. Tiffany Haller |


Assistant DF3, Director of Music, and Communications & Technology Coordinator,

Mrs. Becky Goonan |,,





Parish Pastoral Council 

Chairperson, Mrs. Christine Haas |

The Parish Pastoral Council is a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the Parish through Servant Leadership.  It does this by fostering growth within the Parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents by encouraging positive relationships among all Parishioners and ministries.  The PPC collaborates with other Parishes and the wider community.  The PPC formulates Parish policy, fosters good communication, and provides Servant Leadership by clarifying Parish Vision, establishing objectives to achieve the Parish Mission, and witnessing the Gospel message to all.  The PPC embraces the life and mission of the Parish through Word, Worship, Community, and Service.

The PPC shall be the planning, consultative, and policy formulating body in all matters of the Parish including, but not limited to, spiritual, educational, social, and financial concerns, with due respect to the scope and responsibility of the FC.  The PPC is the primary advisory and consultative body to the Pastor.  The PPC, after prayerful discernment, advises the Pastor and develops policies.  The PPC engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning which takes into consideration the needs of Parishioners and the needs of the Diocese and community.  The FC identifies the resources required to achieve the Parish Vision and Mission and prioritizes the budget based on the available resources.

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          Pastoral Council Constitution & By-Laws

          Pastoral Strategic Plan 2017-2021


Finance Council

Chairperson, Mr. Ron DeFeo |

The Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils are advisory bodies to the Pastor in strategic alignment, planning, discernment, budgeting, and resource allocation.  They often consult on questions such as:

  • In what direction is the Parish headed?
  • Are we aligned with the broader Church and with the needs of our Parish?
  • What resources do we need?

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          Finance Council Constitution & By-Laws


Buildings & Grounds Council

Chairperson, Mr. Steve

The Building & Grounds Council effectively manages the maintenance and operations of all buildings and facilities to ensure a functional, safe, and healthy environment and to support the Church of St. Ann in the building up of the kingdom of God.

          Buildings & Grounds Council Constitution & By-Laws


Amazing Parish Leadership Team

No Pastor can run a Parish on his own.  He needs a team, a special group of leaders, who are collectively committed to helping him make the Parish amazing and to bringing more people to Christ and His Church.  The LT is the primary visionary body.  It strengthens the Parish by supporting the Pastor with decision-making assistance, allowing better and faster decisions, resulting in clearer communications, inviting daily accountability for execution, and moving the Parish forward.  The Pastor relies on the LT to help him with strategic and tactical decisions and with implementation actions to carry out the Parish Mission and to achieve the Parish Vision.  The LT makes changes, at the discretion and direction of the Pastor, within the Parish to achieve the goals of becoming an Amazing Parish.

The LT is not the same as the PPC.  It should not supplant or eliminate any current structures in the Parish.  Therefore, the work of the PPC and FC remains basically unchanged.  The PPC, FC, and LT have a central responsibility of praying with their Pastor for the good of the work they are engaged in.

The Leadership Team meets to discuss several areas:  review of the Sunday experience (Hospitality, Ministries, Hymns/Music, Homilies/Message); progress toward St. Ann’s Big Amazing Goals (linkage of all communications media, personal commitment by Parish families; Fellowship programs and outreach); review of the major activities in the Parish; and pray as a team (intentional intercessions).

The Leadership Team, empowered by prayer and with input from the Councils, is a team of action and accountability.  It consults the Pastor at least weekly, on strategic and tactical questions such as:

  • What is the Vision for the Parish and how should we execute it?
  • Who should execute a given strategy and when?

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