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A peaceful death

Submitted by: Gary Smith
Prayers for brother, Jim Smith, who is in the process of dying. Prayers for peace and

prayer for husband

Submitted by: Dorothy Wilson
Pray for her husband James "Jim" Wilson in hospital with a virus and breathing

Lung cancer

Submitted by: Gerrie mclaughlin
Please pray for my friend Helen Dunkelbergerhealth/hospital11-19-2023

Pray for Ohio

Submitted by: Connie
There's an amendment vote in Nov that has the potential to take away parental rights and open the door for insurance paying for uterine implants for

For The Greater Glory of God

Submitted by: Mcb
{ For The Greater Glory of God } In joint union with the holy family of the rosary and all the saints, martyrs, angles all those who currently now witness the glory of the living God in heaven we invoke their intersession to join us in prayer. Thru The Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. In memory and honor of the sacred passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ we offer these prayers. For an end to abortion and population control. For the relief of the poor souls in Purgatory. For the conversion of sinners. For the greater glory of God. For the greater salvation of souls. For the preservation of life. For the atonement, reparation and penance for the sins of the world. For God's Mercy for his Holy intervention and blessing to come upon earth and those within. To reduce the evils of the world, the flesh and the Devil. For God's intervention against the Anti-Christs to expel them from us their evil influences and their Ill intent for us all. For an end to deception and corruption. For the removal of the unjust in power and authority. For the Just to obtain power and authority. For an end to warmongering, For peace and prosperity to come upon the earth. For God to Bless the blind leading the blind with knowledge and spiritual correction. For to God restore spiritual life of the elect. For God to increase the numbers of the elect. For new spiritual leaders for the elect. For the servants of God to be brought to one flock, one-fold, one shepherd. For a brighter future for the world and the children of God. To avert crisis, to change the coarse of history. To a world most favorable in eyes of God to Bless. To propagate environments for the creation of Saints to bring the Greater Glory of God. To win souls for Jesus Christ. To fulfill our vocations in union with God's Divine holy will. To successfully maintain and preserve the process left to us by our Lord Jesus Christ for future generations to come Amen. For a nation whose sovereignty and existence shall come into being solely resting on the Holy intervention of God himself. For her continuation until the end of time untainted from corruption. For her government and economic infrastructure to be unlike anything currently established on earth. The faith our Lord reigning prosperously as part of government without separation valid, holy, and true. Being without error, schism or heresy. All souls found within her to be found with rosary and scapular. Free from ignorance and blessed with purity. From government, to military, to business, from public to private life, from corner to corner to the end of her boarders our Lord, our God, our savior found everywhere. Seemingly to display the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary here upon earth. For God's continual intervention guidance, protection and blessings upon her government, our country as well for our families. For all our good health spiritually, mentally and physically. Do thus grant this in name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ thru the Immaculate Heart of Mary we ask the Divine Enteral living God the Father the blessed Trinity who art the one true God world without end Amen. After the above prayer say. 20 Our Father's 20 Hail Mary's 20 glory Be's In between each five say the following, then strike the brest three times My Lord, My Jesus, My God, My Divine Heavenly King have mercy on us, deliver us oh Lord. Oh, Most Holy Queen of Angles pray for us. Amen.persecution10-03-2023

Successful heart surgery for my nephew Hughey

Submitted by: Patty Cheatle
Please pray for my nephew who is having heart surgery that he comes through it with no complications, and that it is a

Prayers for our friend Don for his heart problem

Submitted by: Matt Cheatle
Please pray for our friend Don who is suffering from recurring heart problems, that his doctor's are able to get him well

Healing for Son-in-Law, Jon

Submitted by: Barb Nolte
Please pray for Jon who has

Mary Rose Kriner

Submitted by: Claire
Please pray for Mary Rose as she has had a possible

Prayer for healing

Submitted by: Lisa Naso
Pray for my friend, Jim Benson who is in the hospitalhealth/hospital03-31-2023

Isabel Shumbat

Submitted by: Norma Wood
Please pray for Isabel Shumbat who fell and is in the hospitalhealth/hospital03-16-2023

Taylor & Baby Rhyanna

Submitted by: Theresa Sander
Please pray for my niece's baby, Rhyanna that was born in

Pray for healiing

Submitted by: Ellen Schirmer
Pray for Aunt Jeanne Boroch recovering from hip

Lung Cancer

Submitted by: Barb
Please pray for my nephew Scott

Prayer for healing

Submitted by: Lori
Pray for Addie, a regular Adorer who has suffered a stroke. Pray for healing for her and strength for her familyhealth/hospital01-22-2023

Special Intention

Submitted by: Anonymous
For my husband to find a new job.other01-12-2023

The People of St. Ann

Submitted by: Tiffany
For our parishioners and Circle of Grace prayer warriors as we embark on this prayer request commitment.other01-10-2023